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March Reformer Series!

Hi Friends! During the month of March we are adding a Reformer class on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm! You can sign up directly through the app! Feel free to reach out with questions. Thank you!

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Weekday Group Classes

Hi friends! Please let me know if any of these days and times work for your schedules⁉️ Wednesday 6:15 am Friday 6:15 am Tuesday 6:00 pm Thursday 6:00 pm I appreciate your input! Thank you! 🦉🤍🦉

New Classes!

Dear OWL Friends- I am beginning to add group classes to the schedule! This weekend we are holding a Tower class on Saturday at 10:00 and a Reformer class on Sunday at 10:00. Next Wednesday we will h

Classes coming soon!

Dear friends/family - we will be offering group classes soon so keep checking your app for details and announcements 💗


Hi Karina. I would like to join. Do you think it would be ok to have my 11 year old son there a few times? He could play video games on your bench during class. Please let me know. Also, I don’t remember the charge for the classes. Can you please let me know? Thanks, Rita


Karina Lambert
Karina Lambert
Feb 19, 2023

Any chance it can start earlier? Like 5.45? 😀

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