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Weekday Group Classes

Hi friends! Please let me know if any of these days and times work for your schedules⁉️

Wednesday 6:15 am

Friday 6:15 am

Tuesday 6:00 pm

Thursday 6:00 pm

I appreciate your input! Thank you! 🦉🤍🦉

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New classes are up! Beginning next week:

Wednesday 6:15 am and Thursday 6:00 pm:


Friday 6:00 am Summer Yoga!

See you all in class - thank you! 🤍🦉🤍


Ok I’m leaning towards Wednesday 6:15 and Thursday 6:00. Will let you know when classes are up! Thank you!


Tuesday or Thursday evening for me. Thanks, Rita


Thursday would be my #1 (maybe after a quick workout with my dad) but Wednesday would work too!


Jenny Peterson
Jenny Peterson
Jul 18, 2023

I can make all the times work but my preference is Thursday at 6 pm.

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